Case Studies

Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems

The Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems (CIMS) is an internationally renowned applied research and development centre, based in the University of Liverpool. It builds on combined strengths in sensor technology, software development, telemetry and systems integration, together with its unique approach to sensor systems.

CIMS translates research into working, pre-commercial, prototype sensor systems to develop and improve a wide range of applications identified by our industrial partners. These applications are in industrial processing, healthcare, environment and energy sectors. The purpose of these sensor systems is multi-fold, including applications in quality assurance, assistive living, particulate detection and condition monitoring.

Condition monitoring of a transformer.

Condition monitoring of a transformer.

Funding for the research and development has been received from Japan, China, USA and Europe, as well the UK.

The research and development capabilities of CIMS and the sensor systems are being constantly extended – from the development of point-of-care diagnostic systems with the Mast Group (a manufacturer of diagnostic products), to the use of a mobile phone device for the detection of jaundice in India, and the development of home healthcare product which won an E-Innovation award from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.

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