Terry Nelson, Founder of Aqua Running, was a Liverpool FC youth team player until persistent injury forced him to give up the game as a teenager. Following two kidney transplants, Terry overcame adversity to win numerous gold medals in the British Transplant games, relying on running under water to stay in shape.

From this activity, Terry developing a business venture that teaches the techniques of aqua running whilst wearing a revolutionary suit he has spent years developing. Harnessing the powerful benefits of water with unique, cutting edge sensor technology, Aqua Running provides no impact training, exercise and rehabilitation, in addition to the production of revolutionary Aqua Running suits.

We want the LCR 4.0 team to remain involved with Aqua Running as we develop our business even further. The contacts we’re making and the local networks we’re now engaged with have been sparked by our association with this project.
Being based at Sensor City provides visibility for us and enables collaborative working within a positive environment.'

Terry Nelson, Founder, Aqua Running

Approaching Sensor City

Aqua Running was advised by Loughborough University to engage with LCR 4.0 to assist with their Innovate UK bid. Involvement with LCR 4.0 partner Sensor City would help Aqua Running explain their pad specifications more accurately and eliminate any product measurement discrepancies in their supply chain.

Partner Support

Sensor City created an example representative model of a correctly dimensioned hydro pad, which Aqua Running can use to convey manufacturing information to their suppliers in China.

Additionally, LCR 4.0 partner Sensor City created a 3D promotional video showcasing the Hydro Suit, which is easily sharable online and across social media channels. This piece of marketing collateral is a visually engaging asset which will drive awareness of, increase interest in and deliver sales of the product.

Working into the future

Having been shown the methodology of modelling CAD pads, the LCR 4.0 collaboration with Aqua Running has helped them reduce valuable liaison and discussion time, by up to 12 months, with their suppliers in China.

They have been provided with a framework to follow which can be applied across all pads, reducing the prototype creation time and resulting in a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing process.


Aqua Running now work with many high-profile companies across the world and their HBS Training System is officially endorsed by Sanitas Real Madrid Medical Services. The LCR 4.0 project deliverables have helped them secure investment, which will be used for ongoing development of their suits and training programme.

Aqua Running are now looking to add sensors and charging points into their suits and Sensor City will be involved in this ongoing development to allow the monitoring of users in the pool.

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