High levels of alertness and vigilance are required in safety critical tasks and Fatigue Management International (FMI) provide proven solutions that predict the risk of fatigue for drivers, through the use of sensors and fit for duty assessments. FMI have found a way to predict fatigue risk through steering sensors, which stands out as a market niche versus competitor’s camera detection technology.

FMI offer a complete approach to fatigue risk management, including tailored training and predictive monitoring, supported with integrated, fatigue based mobile apps.

They are currently active across the world including activity in China, Latin America, Australia and the UK. Predominantly used in the mining sector, their technology has the potential to be used across all industries.

Our mission is to educate employers, their employees and their families as to the consequences and effects of fatigue on their safety, health, well-being, performance and productivity in work, at home and in the community
Since working with LCR 4.0 at Sensor City, it is encouraging to see how consistent progress has been and how committed their building management team are.'

Michael Paul, Marketing Director, FMI

Approaching Sensor City

FMI have close links with the University of Liverpool and were advised to connect with the LCR 4.0 programme.

LCR 4.0 offered FMI more efficient and valuable resources, compared to outsourcing the required work.

Partner Support

The LCR 4.0 team at Sensor City provided expertise in the areas that FMI needed help with, allowing FMI to spend more time focussing on their core job roles.

The expert team developed a printed circuit board and added communications modules to the PCU.

Working into the future

It is hoped that this work will make FMI’s products and services more valuable, due to the direct front end impact.

Now a permanent tenant of Sensor City, FMI has further access to expert knowledge, world leading laboratories and tools, plus the opportunity to work and collaborate with other tenants in the building.


The work with LCR 4.0 has provided FMI with a more advanced product for the Australian utilities market and enabled rapid prototype creation.

They now have a 500 vehicle opportunity and SA Power worth around $4.8m.

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