The Mast Group is a specialist in clinical microbiology.

Based in Liverpool, and with subsidiaries in France and Germany, the company markets its products in around 50 countries worldwide.


Approaching Sensor City


Partner Support

This new, superior machine is now commercially available, and its higher performance gives it an edge over competitor products. The knowledge transfer involved in the development also allowed Mast to update other products, and to apply for and win further Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) funding for a separate project.

Working into the future

When the hard and software components of an existing machine became obsolete, they asked Liverpool scientists to help incorporate the latest technologies into its new product to enhance performance and reach new markets.

The redesign incorporated technology developed by researchers from the Centre for Intelligent Monitoring Systems (CIMS). It was embedded into both the machine’s sensor hardware and software.

By incorporating cutting edge sensor systems, Mast Group successfully produced a product with better performance and greater capabilities than its predecessor.


The Mast team is working with Professor Spencer from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at University of Liverpool to create more new products.

There is more on this project on the University of Liverpool website.

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