This is a free, half day training course on the science and practical use of accelerometers.

It is aimed at maximising the quality of your data looking at the correct techniques for each application, from the principles of operation and accelerometer types, through to factors such as the importance of correct cable use, noise control and mounting methods.

There will an opportunity for a Q&A session and light refreshments will be provided.


Principles of operation – Piezoelectric effect, materials used

Accelerometer types and correct selection – Construction, charge output, IEPE, temperature effects, mass loading, sensitivity, common problems, pros and cons

Importance of correct cable use – low noise or non-low noise, what happens if you get it wrong, signal loss, tribo-electric noise, cable fixing, connectors

Mounting methods and which to use – stud, wax, adhesive, magnets, tape, which and why, isolation, ground loops

Associated instrumentation – Charge amplifiers, IEPE voltage conditioning, data acquisition


“I found the course very interesting and feel it gave me some very useful information and turned me into a far more conscious accelerometer user.”

“The presentations themselves were excellent, detailing the basics all the way up to the advanced concepts has given me a lot to think about in our own internal setup. The presenters were knowledgeable and were always keen to answer questions, even on specialist or challenging topics.”

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