Based upon a recent article in the Harvard Business Review on why the Internet of Things needs design as much as technology, “Provoking Desire” focuses on how a design-driven approach can be deployed to enhance market value for both digital and physical products.

By helping the creator understand theories of human perception, participants will learn about concrete rules for creating pleasing visual relationships which in turn will help your product command more attention, a better market presence and placement in higher value markets.

These techniques are not merely styling but also cover designing for user action flow, and issues specific to UX design such as cross-device interaction, interoperability, and the ability to upgrade in an iterative fashion.

This presentation will be ideal for all product developers, makers, inventors and creators to attend, as participants will learn how design techniques can enhance their process, offerings and work habits.

The session will be delivered by Deena Denaro-Bickerstaffe, Founder and CEO of The Design Whisperer.

Her 30 minute presentation will be followed by a a Q&A session and networking.

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