Our Lunch Club is held on the first Thursday of each month.

These informal events provide a platform to raise awareness of your business activity, find out more about the latest innovations coming out of our community and for us to share updates on any upcoming funding calls or social events.

There will also be a different themed session at the end of each event, focusing on topics such as business support, technology, grant funding and regional activity. This month’s after-networking presentation will be delivered by Cimlogic focusing on ‘Small Data, Big Wins’ for manufacturers. Read more below*

We have some fantastic companies, academics, students and industry professionals based within our building and within our wider networks, and this lunchtime event aims to get everyone together for a regular chat to better understand what exciting activity is taking place on our doorstep and beyond.

An outline Lunch Club agenda is below:

  • 12:30pm – 12:50pm: Refreshments and Networking
  • 12:50pm – 1:00pm: Announcements and profile raising opportunities
  • 1:00pm – 1:30pm: Themed presentation – Small Data, Big Wins

Our Lunch Club is open to all companies, especially those located within the Knowledge Quarter and Jelly Liverpool, and we look forward to welcoming new faces into our innovation hub each month.

Please join us for this lunch and learn meet-up and start the month by making new connections and raising your profile.

We will be looking for ideas on how best to shape the Lunch Club for the benefit of our members going forwards, so please share your ideas and let us know if you’d like to sponsor one this year.

*Themed Presentation – Small Data, Big Wins

Gain insight into small data within manufacturing and what simple technologies are available to kick start your Operational Excellence journey. Many manufacturing organisations are recording large amounts of performance data, without knowing how best to use the information for production improvements. It’s all about starting off with small, incremental changes, using smart devices and sensors to fast-track IIoT technology adoption.

As part of March’s Lunch Club, a live demo and presentation, delivered by Fraser Thomson , Business Development Director at Cimlogic, will cover:

  • What is small data?
  • How to apply a small data approach
  • Available smart technologies
  • Real world client examples

The Cimlogic demonstration conveyor will show some of the ‘quick wins’ to be gained from implementing production line technologies and measuring output in real-time.

Cimlogic offer complete manufacturing improvement solutions and support to improve efficiency and maximise productivity; ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI. A systems integrator with a wide range of technology partners, Cimlogic use the ‘best of the best’ technologies to build rapid and robust solutions.

Cimlogic are also running one of their roadshows, Small Data Big Wins events for free, you can pick a ticket up for that event here.

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