The University of Liverpool Careers Department are keen to work with Sensor City customers and local SMEs to get them involved with their upcoming online events.

They are running a ‘Working for a tech SME‘ panel discussion to raise the profile of local tech companies who have maintained business through the pandemic and despite the situation we’re all experiencing, have still recruited, to reassure students that companies are still looking to grow their teams.

There are still places left for SMEs and business owners to join this panel discussion.

Participating businesses will be on a panel of 4-5 companies, and asked to highlight:

  • Who they are/line of business
  • Talk about their own career journeys
  • Key aspects of their industry
  • How students should look to get into their industry
  • How can students enhance their applications, when applying for roles in their sector
  • Ideas for networking

If you are thinking of recruiting or taking on an Intern, this is a great opportunity which will help to raise awareness of your company to talented students and potential candidates.

For more information, please contact Paul Cullinan, Careers & Employability: 07722796669 or email 

There are three other sessions which the University of Liverpool is also running:

  • 1pm-2.00pm: Monday 22nd Feb, Gaming/AR/VR panel event/discussion
  • 4pm-5.00pm: Wednesday 24th Feb, Cyber Security panel event/discussion
  • 1pm-2.00pm: Thursday 25th Feb, Robotics panel event/discussion

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