Smarter Tomorrow is the only UK event that connects the ever-growing circle of stakeholders involved in combating climate change by delivering smarter places: politicians, policy makers, planners, engineers, academia, business and entrepreneurs. This year it has three main themes; Smarter Cities, Smarter Travel, Smarter Streets. 

Smarter Tomorrow is the must-attend showcase for towns and cities seeking the biggest benefits from good design and smart, connected technologies. It will focus on local solutions to national issues, including climate change, devolution, funding, digital transformation & connectivity, resilience and inward investment.

Dr Joanne Phoenix, Interim Executive Director at Sensor City is speaking at this event, in the Smarter Tomorrow Plenary Zone.

On Wednesday 23rd October between 4:30-6pm, she will be discussing the impact of ‘Delivering real benefits for citizens’, with reference to the Liverpool 5G testbed: using low-cost, open source 5G networks, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and IoT to improve health and social care.

More information and the registration link can be found here.

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