The benefits of
becoming a Member

Sensor City is looking to proactively build an interconnected, vibrant and innovative community of entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers, policy makers and other partners interested in the development of this sector.

By becoming a member of the Sensor City community you will have access to a range of opportunities and benefits including:

  • Commissioning work through our laboratories.
  • Undertaking your own prototype development and testing using our state of the art laboratories
  • Participating in our incubation and acceleration programmes, workshops and open innovation challenges
  • Attending our events, seminars and workshops
  • Accessing student talent and future professionals
  • Providing or accessing professional services within Sensor City’s member cohort
  • Hiring our meeting rooms or stunning conference suite for your own events
  • Discounted rates for meeting rooms and conference space hire

The Membership Cohort

Sensor City is looking to establish a membership cohort of
individuals and organisations who are;


Who can influence or advocate on behalf of Sensor City and the sensor technology industry.


Who are developing and delivering sensor and IoT technologies and products.


Who can offer business development and support services or help the Sensor City community deliver against Corporate Social Responsibility priorities.

Membership Packages

As a member, connectivity with the Sensor City ecosystem will provide access to opportunities for co-innovation, business growth and technological development, as well as providing considerable reputational benefits of being part of the Sensor City community. Sensor City has two main categories of Membership – Standard and Premium.

Standard Membership
Standard Membership benefits
  • Free access to all Sensor City events
  • Sensor City newsletters
  • Exclusive Member only preferential rates for meeting and events space hire (10% off mid-week rates and 50% off Mondays and Fridays)
  • Access to Sensor City’s young and future professionals network
  • Reduced rates for laboratory equipment and services for prototype development and product testing at Sensor City
  • Exclusive member only offers – generated from within the membership cohort and available to Sensor City members
Premium Membership
Premium Membership includes all of the Standard Membership benefits, plus:
  • One showcase event per year
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Research & collaboration opportunities
  • Specialist member only access to Sensor City software
  • Promotion of member services including logo, 500-word Company profile and link to member portal on Sensor City website
  • Direct access to student talent via facilitated and bespoke access to Sensor City’s young and future professionals network (for placements, internships, graduate recruitment etc)
  • Facilitated connectivity and introductions within the Sensor City ecosystem
  • Technological awareness – early introductions to technologies of interest
  • Showcasing of Member case studies
Annual Membership Rates
Membership Category Standard (12 months)** Premium (12 months)**
Student (individual) £25.00 Not available
Not for Profit / Charity (uncapped) £125.00 £200.00
Entrepreneur / Academic (individual) £125.00 £200.00
Business (2 – 9 employees) £250.00 £375.00
Business (10 – 49 employees) £400.00 £600.00
Business (50 – 249 employees) £750.00 £1,125.00
Business (250+ employees) £5,000.00 £7,500.00 *
Universities and RTOs (uncapped) £3,000.00 £4,500.00

*For larger companies (more than 250 employees)
this package includes 1 hot desk at Sensor City

** All prices excl VAT

Become a
Corporate Partner

We are seeking partners who recognise the potential for sensor technologies and want to collaborate with us in fostering and supporting the sensor community. In return we can provide exclusive event opportunities, client referrals, and early insight into the latest sensor technologies.

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